LSV Screw Compressor

Small Footprint                                                                                                               Our screw compressors have small footprints, hence saving installation costs as well as valuable factory space.

Cabinet Intake Filter                                                                                                       Compressor come equipped with a cabinet intake filter, maintaining a clean compressor cabinet interior at all times!

Asymmetry Screw Airend                                                                                             Our highly efficient asymmetry screw airend has low rpm, and tip speed, enhancing reliabilit in smooth operation and reduced maintenance.

Oversized Air/Oil Filters & Separator                                                                                                                  Maintenance of your air compressor can be extremely costly. That's why our air/oil filters and separators are oversized, making extended service intervals and economical maintenance possible.

Heavy Duty TEFC IP55 Motor with overload protection                                                                                     Our Heavy Duty TEFC IP55 motor is capable of handling heavy workloads, beyond the normal range of motors.

High Temperature Protection                                                                                                                               Our rotary screw compressor airends are granted high temperature protection, drastically reducing the chances of thermal overload upon the motor. As added precautions, we also have reverse rotation protection and reliable safety valves fitted to all units.

45 Degree Celcius Ambient Temperature Capability                                                                                         Our compressors are built to withstand extreme climate conditions, and are also equipped with enhanced compressor thermal tolerance, making them suitable all over the world.

Minimum Noise Levels                                                                                                                                           We as Air Power understand the annoyance and inconvenience that can result from high noise pollution. Hence, our compressors emit minimum noise, reaching levels as low as 60 dBA.

5-Year Warranty                                                                                                                                                       As a gesture of confidence in our product, Air Power Resources offers a 5-year, no-quibble airend warranty* at selected markets upon the purchase of our compressors.                                                         *Terms and conditions apply.

Economical maintenance                                                                                                                                       Our parts and service costs are kept to a minimum in order to provide you with comfortably affordable maintenance fees. Futhermore, we offer the option of an economical airend exchange, after the 5-year warranty period, keeping servicing always low-priced!

Low Oil Carryover Rate                                                                                                                                           Our compresors combine state of the art technology and sensitivity to your needs. That's why we have a 2-4ppm, low oil carryover rate which reduces the load of downstream filters and dryers, ultimately saving your time and money.